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The AWARE Eclipse Plug-in

Email Sarah Heckman at sarah_heckman AT ncsu.edu with questions, comments, and problems.


Description: an Eclipse plug-in that gathers static analysis reports to create a ranked listing of static analysis alerts in a program throughout development. Alerts found to be a false positive may be suppressed. The ranking of remaining alerts will be adjusted based on developer feedback of suppressing and closing alerts. AWARE currently prioritizes FindBugs alerts.

Current Version: AWARE v1.8.0

Installation Instructions for AWARE only. For AWARE v1.8.0 you need to install FindBugs.

Plug-in Update Site URL for AWARE v1.8.0: http://agile.csc.ncsu.edu/aware/AWARE/Java/AWARE-UPDATE

System Requirements:

  1. Eclipse 3.x
  2. Launch Eclipse workbench using Java 1.5 (once the workbench is launched the project(s) under analysis can be compiled and run with any version of Java)
  3. FindBugs installed
  4. If you use Check 'n' Crash as part of AWARE please read the system requirements for CnC below.

Previous Versions

AWARE for FindBugs

  • AWARE v1.7.9 comes bundled with an instrumented version of FindBugs. The update site for v1.7.9 is http://agile.csc.ncsu.edu/aware/AWARE/AWARE-UPDATE

Check 'n' Crash Eclipse Plug-in

Description: an Eclipse plug-in based on the Check 'n' Crash (CnC) program written by Christoph Csallner and Yannis Smaragdakis at Georgia Tech. CnC combines static analysis with automatic test case generation to remove false positives. CnC will be used as one of the static analysis tools in AWARE. The CnC plug-in and compatible version of AWARE are not currently supported by the AWARE team!

Plug-in Download: CnC Eclipse Plug-in and AWARE Eclipse Plug-in compatible with CnC.

Installation Instructions: Download the plug-in and unzip into your Eclipse directory.

System Requirements:

  1. The CnC Eclipse plug-in currently ONLY runs on Windows machines. This is due to the theorem prover that is used with CnC.
  2. For the CnC Eclipse plug-in to run, you must launch your Eclipse workbench using Java 1.5
  3. To run CnC on a project, you must compile the project under analysis with Java 1.4.2 (I use JRE 1.4.2_04)