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Practices Related to Intercommunication and End-User Communication

  • Intercommunication
    From our investigation of the 19 adoptees, we observe that to share deployment information within the company, developers use different internet robots or bots in order to automatically learn and analyze the deployment scenario. These tools also provide a mechanism to keep track of specific information related to the deployment process, for example, what software changes are being made, who are making those software changes, at what time those software changes are pushed to production etc. Examples of such tools include Hubot, IRC bot, and XMPP bot. Other tools such as Github tools, in-house dashboards, and tickets are also used.

  • Customer Communication
    Some companies also communicate with customers and use their feedback as they roll out software changes frequently. From our investigation, in general, customer communication is maintained using official product forums, and social networking sites. We present our findings in terms of number of companies in the following chart.

(*) Practice Unknown in the bar/pie chart represents the number of companies who have not reported their related practices.

Links to other practices and references:

Code Review      Code Versioning     Deployment Preparation   Post Deployment     Testing       References

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