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November 24th, 2015

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Continuous Deployment – Code Review Practices

Code review
is the a systematic process to find errors, and formatting inconsistencies after software is written. We have observed code review to be the part of some adoptees’ deployment practices. We present our findings for all the 19 adoptees in percentage below.

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Adoptees have used both automated tools and human inspection for code review. Github pull requests and audit trails, Phabricator, and Gerrit are examples of some automated tools that do code review. Companies such as Facebook, Atlassian, and Quora, also have reported to use team members of a development team to review each others code. We present the code review techniques of the 19 adoptees in the following chart.

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(*) Practice Unknown in the bar/pie chart represents the number of companies who have not reported their related practices.

Links to other practices and references:

Code Versioning     Communication     Deployment Preparation   Post Deployment     Testing       References

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