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Continuous Deployment – Code Versioning

In software engineering versioning systems refer to the software artifact management systems. Software practitioners maintain a consistent version of there software artifacts as a repository, which is used by the team to make changes, fix bugs and other necessities. This repository is commonly known as the trunk, the head, or the master. Either a copy of the trunk, or the trunk can be used to push software changes to production. In continuous deployment we have observed the following two practices:

  • The trunk incorporates all the changes that are made by the software team. The whole trunk is pushed into the production servers.
  • The trunk contains a base version of the software artifacts. Separate branches are created by copying or forking the trunk. The software team makes the necessary software changes, performs testing on this branch and later on puts this branch to deployment.

We present how many of the 19 adoptees are following which of the above mentioned practices in the following chart.

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Automated deployment refers to the practice of making software available to end-users automatically; this practice is conducted in between software acquisition and software execution without manual effort. The practice of automated deployment facilitates in rapid delivery of software changes to end-users. All of the 19 adoptees have reported to use automated deployment as a practice.
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(*) Practice Unknown in the bar/pie chart represents the number of companies who have not reported their related practices.

Links to other practices and references:

Code Review      Communication     Deployment Preparation   Post Deployment     Testing       References

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