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Continuous Deployment – Practices Related to Deployment Preparation

As we investigated the deployment practices of the 19 adoptees, we found different practices that the adoptees perform to prepare software changes for deployment. Dogfooding is one such technique where the software company/team asks their own members to test the changes as a user. In our investigation, the percentage of companies who are using dogfooding is presented in the following pie chart.

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Staging is another practice where a specific portion of the software changes are made available to the end- users. The purpose of this practice is to keep the software available to the end-users when implementation of a new feature fails. Of the 19 adoptees, the number of companies who are using staging as part of their deployment process is presented in the following pie chart.

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We further explored what specific tools the 20 companies used to deploy their product in their production environment. Interestingly, we found similarities amongst a few companies. For example, Facebook and Pinterest uses BitTorrent, whereas, Google Consumer Surveys, and WordPress uses Codeship as their deployment tool. We present our results in the following chart.

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(*) Practice Unknown in the bar/pie chart represents the number of companies who have not reported their related practices.

Links to other practices and references:

Code Review      Code Versioning     Communication     Post Deployment     Testing       References

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