The gap between hacker threats and suitable security defenses is widening, and the types and numbers of threats are changing faster than ever before. In addition, the gulf in the number of security professionals we have and the number we need is widening. To meet this need in the short and the long term, we need new education solutions to keep developers informed of the latest in secure design and development. In the Fall of 2014, the Realsearch group presented a new MOOC that covers these important security topics. As part of this work we show the effectiveness of MOOCs as an educational tool and a method for increasing outreach to new individuals in this area.


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This project involves the development of an application through which doctors can obtain and share essential patient information and can view aggregate patient data. Privacy and security of patient records are ensured, as protected by the HIPAA statute.

OpenSeminar: Software EngineeringSarah Heckman
OpenSeminar is a web-based open courseware platform that enables instructors to collaborate on material for similar courses by sharing links to content. The end result of an OpenSeminar in a given subject is an expert-maintained repository or database of links to online information that is openly available on the Internet.