Testing and Reliability

November 24th, 2015


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AWARE Sarah Heckman and Lucas Layman
AWARE is an Eclipse plug-in which presents alerts generated by automated static analysis to developers. The alerts are ranked by the likelihood a specific alert is an indication of a fault. The researchers are investigating how to rank alerts and when to present highly ranked alerts to the developer.

MuClipse– Ben Smith
MuClipse is an Eclipse plugin which acts as a wrapper for the JMutation System (MuJava), which performs Mutation Testing. Increased usability is provided using the features of the IDE, including the ability to easily compare mutants, to track mutant status, and to repeat mutation testing executions through Eclipse runtime configurations.

I-BACCI– Jiang Zheng
The Integrated – Black-box Approach for Component Change Identification (I-BACCI) process is an integration of a static binary code change identification process and a code-based regression test selection process. The objective of the process is to reduce the regression testing required for COTS-based applications when components change and source code is not available. Supporting tools have been developed for analyzing binaries of components in Common Object File Format (COFF) and Portable Executable (PE) formats.

The Decomposer and Trivial Information Zapper (D-TIZ) tool was created to decompose the binary flies and remove trivial information such as timestamps and file pointers, which are irrelevant to the change identification. The Trivial Identifier of Differences in BInary-analysis Text Zapper (TID-BITZ) tool removes most of the false positives caused by trivial differences such as shifted addresses and register reallocations. The Call-graph Analyzer – Affected Function Identifier (CAAFI) tool generates and analyzes the function call graphs within components.

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